One of the Best Japanese Films Made

When I was at my friend’s house a few months ago, we watched a Japanese drama about two deaf people who fell in love. Their entire dialogue was done in sign language, which I know a fair amount of. The good thing is that it was done in subtitles for those who don’t know sign language. There were bits of it in Japanese, which I know pretty well as well since I have practically lived at my friend’s house at times growing up. Her family speaks Japanese more than English, so it was only natural that I would learn their native language pretty well.

They also watch a lot of Japanese programming, often preferring that over American TV shows and films. When we were younger, that meant maybe watching a DVD every now and again. In today’s times though, it is a far different story because Japanese programming is just so much easier to access. That is how we watched the movie about the deaf lovers. It was on a website that is dedicated to Japanese programming. There are so many movies on there, and there are even some great serial shows too.

When I read the synopsis for the film that is titled Happiness of Us Alone, I was intrigued because the person who wrote it said it is one of the best Japanese films they had seen. I honestly didn’t think that watching two Japanese lovers who could only use sign language to communicate would be all that amazing, which is why I watched it. I am so glad I did, because I have to agree that it is definitely in the top ten Japanese films I have seen in my lifetime. Considering how many I have seen, that is really saying a lot. I make it a point to watch at least two films a week from that site, but few have come close to moving me the way that one did.

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