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The Inside Story of Madagascar

Madagascar is a 2005 American computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released to theaters on May 27, 2005. The film tells the story of four Central Park Zoo animals who have spent their lives in blissful captivity and are unexpectedly shipped back to Africa, getting shipwrecked on the island of Madagascar. It features the voices of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith; others voices include Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer, and Andy Richter.

Madagascar received positive acclaim all over the world and was one of the most profitable animated films of all time. I have sat through quite a lot of animated films, and the use of computers in animation makes things a little realistic in approach and more of audience friendly. Pixar movies are polished, faultless, and statistically earn well. This film could have been abrupt and patchy, but in my opinion that was not the case. This movie is one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

We cannot just move ahead without appreciating the animation creators of this film. This film had a spectacular animation showdown and that is more the reason why people loved it so much. The animation creator has shown their creativity to the utmost level by putting extra efforts in character designing and scenes alteration altogether. We can’t ignore the fact that the animators of Madagascar own most of the credit for the film. I’m pretty sure you all were impressed by the animation techniques used in the film as well. So, why not give it a hand/ anyone including you can perfect the skills of animation and design characters of your own choice by learning animation from a good animation institute.

In the growing digital world learning animation is no toughie and you can very well learn the craft by taking up an animation course. There are numerous animation institutes across the city which promises to deliver excellent results and make you learn the craft well. There are so many funny scenes in this movie that it’s hard to pick a favorite. This animated movie, in 3D as well as 2D. This animation is hilarious and has great cinematography. Seeing this film in 3D definitely adds to the excitement of the story line.

However, we need to keep in mind that Madagascar was only presented so amazingly in front of the audience due to it’s animation. No doubt the storyline had role to play but nothing would have been considered if the animation wasn’t up to the point. In conclusion, Madagascar might have created the hype over the industry and audience but the inside truth lies in the hands of the animation creator only.

One of the Best Japanese Films Made

When I was at my friend’s house a few months ago, we watched a Japanese drama about two deaf people who fell in love. Their entire dialogue was done in sign language, which I know a fair amount of. The good thing is that it was done in subtitles for those who don’t know sign language. There were bits of it in Japanese, which I know pretty well as well since I have practically lived at my friend’s house at times growing up. Her family speaks Japanese more than English, so it was only natural that I would learn their native language pretty well.

They also watch a lot of Japanese programming, often preferring that over American TV shows and films. When we were younger, that meant maybe watching a DVD every now and again. Read more

Women Have Unbeatable Attraction for Daily Soaps


You know as much as I do daily Indian soaps have been around for decades. They have evolved over the years with new characters and more engaging subjects. It has well become easier to access these soaps as they are available in most Indian TV channels, online TV and Live TV programs. However, what I know you don’t know is the reason so many Indian girls and women are more passionate about daily soaps than men do. Here are the key reasons why girls and women are obsessed to daily soaps to a greater extent than men.

Women and girls are naturally emotionally-driven creatures. They normally understand and appreciate the love drama in Indian soaps more than any man can do. They have empathy for the characters in the soaps something which isn’t common with men. Women as well get easily absorbed to in Indian TV series that unfold love stories and drama than men will do.

Men rarely like drama. They want something that captures their attention and tricks their mind into action like real-action movies. Alternatively, women and girls appreciate drama and like anything that gets them engaged and thinking. The major part of Indian soaps is love drama where one or two men are the key targets of several women. As the drama in Indian soaps unfolds, it gets welcome engaged and feeling close to the events in such soap.

Indian soaps are very addictive. Most women start watching them as a way to pass time and get entertained only to later become addicts. In India, you will rarely find house-husbands. Most men are very busy with their professions on every single day. On the other hand, majority of women in India are housewives hence they got the extra time to watch such soaps on daily basis.

Indian soaps are easy to access nowadays. It isn’t a must you buy DVD packaged Indian opera soap whenever you want to watch opera soap movies. There are currently several Indian TV channels that show Indian soaps on daily basis. There are as well lots of online TV and live TV programs like YuppTV that allow people to stream and watch their preferred Indian soaps whenever they want. The fact that most Indian TV channels and online TV programs show the soaps mostly during day time means that majority of men don’t have access to them as they always busy in offices.

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Living Just Outside of Toronto Now

I have been living in a little town outside of Toronto ON for a couple of months now. It is strange that there is such a difference when I really only moved about a three and a half hour drive from my old home in the area of Rochester NY. I have been sort of lucky, since I was going to lose the job I had down there and this job simply appeared exactly when I needed it. Now I am living with a guy I found on the web. He asked how to get American netflix now that he has seen that it is different from the Netflix that he gets. Read more

A New Type of Entertainment Content Access

One of the more annoying aspects of Netflix is the regional differences that users experience. Canadians may see different shows and movies then Americans. Britians will have different releases than Australians and so on. For someone who spends as much money as they do on Netflix every month, it’s the access to this content which has prevented me from torrenting movies recently. And yet, here they are preventing us from being able to access the entire library at their disposal. I’m not a fan. When I started to figure out how to watch american netflix in canada – I’m an American who was visiting, in fact, and wanted to finish a show that I had started back home, I discovered that you can actually utilize a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) will change your IP address so you can access a website seemingly from another state or even another country. It’s not that big of a deal that we can’t watch what we want to watch but it grinds on my nerves so much because of the big corporations who prevent us from gaining access to entertainment content in an easy and reasonable way. It’s ridiculous that we have to shell out as much money that we already do to have this access.

Cable companies are the worst offenders. They package the movie channels with other channels that I’ll never even watch. So to watch a single show on a single channel, let’s say Game of Thrones, I have to pay out nearly $50 to $60 to get access to that channel. Don’t you think that is ridiculous? This is why Netflix and other streaming services are soon going to replace the notion of what a cable company is and soon we’ll have more flexible services available to us once they yield to consumer desires.

Tom West Zuckerburg of the Entertainment Industry

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Facebook and its origins. Mark Zuckerburg, owner of Facebook, was able to build a successful business online because he was able to pinpoint what the people wanted from a social networking website. Tom West, on the other hand, was able to determine what employers and service providers of the entertainment industry need to make it easier for both parties to find each other, negotiate pricing and get payed securely. That being said, Tom West will certainly become Zuckerburgh of social and career interaction in the entertainment industry. Tom West is the creator and founder of,, and These are highly addictive social networking/Job Hiring sites which cater to the needs of entertainment freelancers and employers. You canfind models, musicians, actors and everyone between by posting a job in these websites. On the other hand, these websites become the stage for entertainment freelancers to showcase and network their talents. You might be wondering who Tom West is after learning how he bridged the gap between employers and service providers of the entertainment industry. To know him better, I spent my Saturday morning on the phone with him and I would like to share my conversation with Tom here. Lynette:I’ve noticed that your websites are focused on helping the entertainment industry. Why is that? Tom: When I was a child, I formed a band together with my childhood friends. We were able to secure a contract with Island/Universal Records and Maverick Records. Because of my band, I’ve met cool people across the world and got to release an album. Although our popularity didn’t last long, I learned so much and the experience was unbelievable. Lynette: You’re pretty amazing for a kid. What was the best moment that you can remember during your time with the band? Tom: Well, we were able to tour with major acts such as Duran Duran. An experience of a lifetime! Lynette: When your band broke up, you started dabbling in Entertainment Business right? Tom: Ha ha yea I had to figure out how to put bread on the table! That’s kinda how I learned to make a website for my recording studio business. Tom and his best friend partner had many business ideas that were almost successful but nothing really stood out until Tom’s recent realization of the entertainment industry’s need for service providers. When I asked Tom how he figured it all out, his answer was funny and so true in the entertainment industry. Lynette: How did you come up with the idea of making a website for both employers and freelancers? Tom: Well,for a few years, I’ve been trying to hustle new clients and find people who need music related work done. And man it was a struggle, plus chasing money down to! So when I was sitting replying to an advertisement on craigslist, I thought why isn’t there a site for this? I mean most people these days are freelancers anyway. So, I scheduled a meetingwith GarrettO’Neill, my business partner, for a coffee. He loved the idea and we started planning the business. That’s pretty much the story on how the three websites are born. is the first website that was planned by Tom but was created and released first. Wondering why, I asked Tom the reason behind his actions. Lynette I know you started with but was out first, I wonder why. Tom Well, when we were developing Musicians Fuse, my girlfriend was a pretty successful model at a large international modelling agency at that time. I mean everyone has heard horror stories about agencies but I saw it firsthand. Mine and my partner’s plan was always Musician Fuse first but because of the situation, I thought of creating a website that caters to the needs ofthe models, hairstylists,photographers, and the clients. Ironically, my girlfriend left me for a photographer shortly after I started developing Model Fuse. Anyway, I decided to hurry and release as soon as possible . I decided not to delve deeper into that topic because it’s personal and might make Tom feel uncomfortable. Tom suggested that I try one of apps called paparazzi which I did and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. I created an account on to use this app which will come out this month. Out of curiosity, I asked Tom if he is dating anyone and his response is understandable. Tom : Not as of yet, I just got out of a 5 year relationship so I’m a bit jaded at the moment. Also, I work 24 hours a day so I’m not sure if anyone would be in to sitting next to me and our teams on the computer (laughs). Having met Tom personally, I think he is such a nice guy with lots of brilliant ideas. With his company’s vision, he’ll surely help a lot of people in the entertainment industry. I wish Mfuse LLC. success which they so much deserve for helping both employers and service providers. You can visit to learn more about Tom and his websites. By, Lenette Rice

Helping Mom and Dad with Their Birdwatching Website

I try to keep things simple for mom and dad. They run an online site for their hobby of birdwatching. They use a cloud service to upload videos and images to instead of using the free services. They do not want any of the goofy ads that get posted with videos like they do on the free services. However, they shoot in a video format that needs to be converted for website use. I got them some software to make it easier. I spent a lot of time teaching them how to do FTP and to update their site that uses a popular content management system as the engine behind their domain. It is really simple to use too.

They have come a long way and even have a shopping cart on their site now for customers to order prints of pictures of the birds they discover on their journeys. A picture I took as a kid is a popular seller. Read more

The Numerous Colors of Toros

Born in 1964 in Armenia, Vagarshak Torosijn has had a multi dimensional improvement as a human and as a painter. Having observed the diverse cultures of three powerful nations, he keeps an artistic facet that’s not only sizeable in imagination, but also comprises different kaleidoscope of thoughts and art streams altogether.

Toros, as he’s better called, in his own words weaves the real and imaginary world into his artworks. Anyone who has examined and observed many of Vagarshak’s oils would construe that these exposes deep inner thought and an expression that is exceptionally his own. He admits to being motivated by the Vanguard method of painting and is perhaps also experimenting with abstract and expressionism.

A gaze at any of the very chic and lovely of Vagarshak Torosijn oils, one notices almost no traces of feminine or softness in them, however there’s no insensitivity or an expression of shock to his fine art too. Captivatingly, he uses expressions of hilarity in his paintings to suggest notions that are sometimes more unfathomable and profound than they appear to be on the canvas.

Toros uses colors to his gain in his paintings. In fact, often they are representative of the notion or the feeling that he loves to depict. Intense sensations are mostly conveyed by stronger colors which in fact also show the creator’s mood swings.

Remark should be made of several very unique pictures such as-”Two Clowns” and “Masquerade” both of which reveal the vast creative sensibilities of the artist. His attraction with the clowns leaves us with bewilderment if the artist seeks to tell us more than what is evident in our eyes through these characters.

Similar to all of his contemporaries, Toros is a little unpredicatable in his choice of subject matter; in fact his scale is as diverse as his use of hues. Just as one feels happy and eager at his diverse utilization of colors, so does his selection of figures not only astonished but also startles us. He showacases a range of subjects that border on the contemporary to those of the traditional, especially remarkable is his choice of subjects that also include children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from different segments. So whether it’s a celebration or images of clowns that he is dealing with, the master generates a solid statement anywhere.

The canvases of Toros use brave and defined brush strokes; he tries to create order out of chaos. A quick glimpse at his masterpieces gives the notion of a chaotic piece, it’s only when one attempts to look at the bigger picture within the inner framework that the seemingly complicated themes and the subdued picture presentation within is clear. The artist also excels in his interpretation of emotions, the characters in his oils seem to convey the message of the whole painting whether amusing or sad, irritated or upset within their imagery.

One gets the impression that Torosijn Vagarshak is a man of varied thoughts and a mind that runs riot just like his use of hues. His preference in diverse approaches as well as contradictory subjects break the uniformity often linked to series fine art; ultimately, every portrait stands out in an in individual artistry.

Yet another noticeable characteristic about Toros is the various tints he includes in his pictures in terms of themes. While many of his artworks have the faЗade of cheerful revelry in them, a second glance depicts another side of the story, in a master crafting of multi dimensionality, he uses the foundation as a joyful theme while the expressions are used to convey emotions that are deep and that signify other inclinations.

We may construe that Vagarshak stands out as an artist of massive quality with paintings that both please and urge the audience to contemplate.

The Most Famous Breast Implants of all time

In Hollywood, a world all about appearance and looks, plastic surgery has become extremely common among many celebrities. Although it is more common now, getting plastic surgery wasn’t always considered normal and celebrities that did get plastic surgery were often criticized for doing so. Many women that did get breast implants were targeted by fans, other celebrities, and most importantly, the media. Even with the risk of receiving all this attention, sometimes being negative, the following are some of the most famous breast implants of all time:

1. Pamela Anderson: This former Playmate and Baywatch babe has been in the spotlight for most of her life. But after appearing in Playboy magazine two times, Pamela Anderson decided she wanted to get breast implants, which made her fame skyrocket. After this she appeared several more times in the magazine and scored some acting gigs on popular TV shows. Her controversial life and busty figure has made her one of Hollywood’s most famous icons and she continues showing off her breasts with no shame.
2. Heidi Montag: There is no doubt that this former Hills cast member had some plastic surgery done. People magazine even did a whole article where they spoke about her having ten different procedures done in one day. Although people suspect she had several things done, her breast implants have struck the most attention. After getting G-cup breast implants, Montag said she wanted to reduce the size of her breasts, which now may be difficult since her plastic surgeon passed away.
3. Dolly Parton: Since the 1960s, this celebrity has been a country icon drawing much attention. Alongside her numerous songs, television appearances, and movie credits, she has been known for her appearance and is proud to admit that she did have plastic surgery. She even told Oprah Winfrey that she will continue to get plastic surgery if it means keeping up her looks. If it’s dragging or sagging, she’s willing to get plastic surgery to fix it.
4. Anna Nicole Smith: After appearing on the cover of Playboy at the young age of 24, Anna Nicole Smith exploded in the media. Her long blonde hair, bright smile and great personality weren’t the only thing that caught people’s attention, it was her overly large breast implants. After having two implants put in each breast, she was discovered by a photographer in Texas and pursued her modeling career. She was then named playmate of the year in 1993 and got a gig as a Guess model. Her breast implants most definitely gave her a boost in her career.

Laying out the Resemblance and Differences of the Artworks of Toros and OninO

Born in Armenia, OninO was always a first-rate artist, but she was in doubt about adopting art as a career choice. But after her time in a dedicated art institution, OninO set eyes on the works of the Russian master artist, Torosijn Vagarshak. This resulted to a massive change in the lady who was so charmed by the artistic style of Toros (Torosyan Vagarshak) that she began taking up art seriously. One cannot but discount the substantial and immense effect of Toros in shaping the vocation of OninO as an independent painter who displays significant creative potential of her own.

It shall be extremely unreasonable to name the influences of Toros on her artworks as simple replication it was meant more as an assimilation of alike systems, brush strokes and developing of one’s thoughts that should be taken forefront. OninO, who was particularly captivated by the exciting and odd faces of Toros, spent two years studying art under him in the United States. By this time, however, the mentor was triumphant in letting her understand her unique method and cultivate her artistic potentials through the substantial variety of her work of art.

Whatever evaluation made between a mentor and a protege can’t be considered as a replication of art on any party. It’s in fact a realization of the artistic level of each artist in attempting to underscore the artistic finesse of each while remarking the external influences of the polished result.

As is anticipated, the influence of Vagarshak Torosjin is quite obvious in some of the past works of OninO. Although even in the later years she retains a number of it, it’s more on the latter portion of her artistic term when we can perceive the uniqueness of OninO as a painter. During the early period, one spots resemblance especially in the representation of the characters, this includes the same slender faces, with curious expressions. A careful glance on the other hand, demonstrates that Torosijn Vagarshak’s characters are either at times more practical and at others, entirely strange, while those of OninO’s are somewhere in between. Also interestingly one assumes the view that her characters are bigger than in real life and more magnificent and bold in their mannerisms.

One cannot help but discount in both the creations of Torosijn Vagarshak’s and OninO, the emphasis on the various styles of hats that the characters wear. While the faces of Toros are without hats (though the characters do put on a hat in the other masterpieces), every masterpiece of OninO has the characters donning some or the other type of colorful hat. In fact, all of OninO’s hats are exciting and they gain as much thought as the characters themselves.

Both Toros and OninO on the other hand, retain their influence of Cubism; OninO at times more than her master. Her toying with shapes is very subtly revealed and so dainty that one may miss it if not viewed with a perfectionist eye. The combination of natural elements and emotions into each of the paintings is one unique attribute of both Vagarshak Torosjin and OninO. However, while Vagarshak Torosjin practically keeps barely any traces of feminist tendencies in his masterpieces, OninO’s paintings are replete with them.

OninO’s liking for romance, match making, revelry and display of wealthy living make her works have a clerly unique aura from that of Toros, who can be more related with the two edges of make believe and realism. Similar to some other genres, both painters are pretty much mismatched in their choice of subjects.

The daring brush strokes of Vagarshak Torosjin against the more delicate ones of OniO’s and alike color palette are however, exclusive preferences that come to the fore while observing the two painters.

In the depiction of emotions within the imagery of their work of art, whether comic or miserable, love or enthusiasm, fury or disappointment, both the artists reveal sufficient evidence of mastery. It is in this resemblance yet unique presentation of creative ability and impressions that both the painters stand their own ground and OninO makes her declaration as painter of grand caliber quite intensely felt.