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Important Facts You Must Learn about Fiction Writing Fiction writing is defined as a type of literature wherein no factual thoughts are being meant. Through this writing, readers will be entertained. It is a type of literature wherein the author’s opinion is written through a story. For example, a short story is a work of fiction. Fiction writing may also include the storyboards for stage dramas and screenplays for movies. Additionally, novellas and novels are also examples of fiction writing. There are major elements when it comes to writing fiction. One of which is the character, which pertains on the main and the minor persons that are running in the story. The element called plot is the main event of the story wherein the most important happenings will occur. The setting and the theme, which are important because it is where the story is taken place. Finally, the most important element is the style of the author. Almost all of us are having a very hard time in writing stories. It makes most of us frustrated and not to try it again for another time. Luckily, it will now be an easy task to write a fiction. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps and hints so that you can be a good writer someday. You can check below to see the different key points that you need to follow.
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First is you must develop your very own idea. In this form of literature, your best asset is the ideas that you have. You can make amazing stories if you have a lot of ideas. Make sure to have at least one idea because if you have non, your story will just be a nonsense. Anything can give you an idea. In writing, ideas are also called inspiration. These ideas can come to you any time or any place.
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Once you have your idea, try to list them down. You cannot afford to lose them because they are the most important aspect in making your story. Immediately write it down in a piece of paper in case you have figured out an amazing idea for your upcoming story. Next is to make an outline for your story. By outlining, you will be able to see if your story will be great or not. Moreover, and it will be easy for you to finish the whole writing process if you make an outline first. It will also ensure a better storyline if you are going to make an outline beforehand. Lastly, you should be able to find out the style that you are going to use. There are a lot of authors that uses a single style in all of their works. As if it was their fingerprint and trade mark. They will just stick in their styles for identity and promotional purposes. However, some other popular authors have proven that multiple styles is better to use and been very successful in their works.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best in Fiction Writing You can define fiction writing as the clever composition of text that is not factual because the events never occurred. The best fiction writing is aimed at entertaining people while still conveying the authors’ point of view and beliefs. No matter if it is a short story, novel, drama or a screenplay, you can never go wrong with fictional content. The level of difficulty involved in writing some of the best fictional material in the world is immense. There is the involvement of determination, practice and patience to make the characters come together. What steps can you take to obtain yourself a great piece of fictional material? To identify the best fiction writing in the industry, follow the guide below. It is of the utmost necessity to identify material that starts with high tension when looking for the best pieces of fiction writing. It is crucial to draw the attention of the reader early on and keep them interested although many writers prefer to start with heart throbbing action. The best fiction novels should begin with the main character failing in whatever endeavor they are doing. In your quest to find the best fiction writing, it is imperative to identify works that end each chapter on a cliff. This is to ensure that the reader becomes addicted to the book or play with every passing chapter. It will help in making the fiction impossible to put down and the reader feels like reading it all the time until they finish reading. In addition to giving readers a stronger incentive to continue with the next section, it is important to understand that fiction is about sparking the curiosity of the readers.
The Beginners Guide To Authors (What You Need To Know To Get Started)
You need to identify works with a lesson at the end when looking for a good fiction novel to start on. The reason for this is that education is a never-ending quest for knowledge, and, therefore, the mind has to be fed on a regular basis. One such way to teach young children about what is right and wrong and how life works is by use of fiction writing.
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When looking for a good fiction novel to start on, it is very important to select one that offers an escape from the daily regimen. Truth be told, each and every job has a lot of frustration and stress even if you enjoy it. It is important to kick back and relax after a long hard day working. Where better to turn that towards an entertaining work of fiction. In an effort to relieve a lot of pressure that builds up during the day as you go about your daily routine, it is important to engage in a good fiction book.

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Smart Tips for Beginning Fiction Writers If you’re venturing into fiction writing for the first time, you may find the process daunting. But there are rules and guidelines that you can keep to so your book can stay focused, engaging, and thus, more publishable. First off, know your audience as well as your genre. Beginners often find it tempting to reach out to a wide audience, but this can be dangerous. You don’t want a plot that wanders off in all directions and ends up a total mess. Be consistent with your audience and genre. And though genres can well be divided into sub-genres, it’s often hard to keep the plot effective. Write a cross-genre book if you must, but don’t mix things up too much. Another thing you can do to create solid fiction is to create real characters. Make them as human as you and everyone else – with phobias, mannerisms, twisted cliches, and so on. In some unforgettable stories, characters have 3D personalities that readers can easily relate to. For example, a heroine who has to control her deep-seated fears before getting what she wants will surely be more endearing than one who gets it without challenge. And because people can relate to fear, the former hero’s victory will feel more real and satisfying to readers. The second mistake many beginning writers make is telling instead of showing. They tend to explain the events as they happen, instead of showing the events the way they happen. Instead of saying that one character spent the night in jail because she egged her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s car, write about the character laughing viciously while throwing the eggs. Then show her trying to wiggle her way out of a cop’s grip while the handcuffs are slapped on her wrists. This will be more effective as far as painting a vivid picture of what’s happening is concerned, and the story will become more enjoyable.
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Of course, to make a story more compelling, you have to stick to the main plot all the way through. Again, a lot of newbies are tempted to add subplots, thinking these will make the story more engaging, but the opposite actually happens. A book is not a sitcom. Focus on the main plot, and should you add a subplot, make sure it ties up with the main story right through the end. If you really want to keep your readers engaged, let your scenes play out naturally. Wrapping up scenes too quickly is like cheating your readers. Besides, things don’t normally end too fast in real life. Instead, let every scene’s falling action slowly and surely plant the seeds of the next scene’s rising action.
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Lastly, as a fiction writer, you have to learn and master the art of conflict. Creating a powerful conflict in the story is quite a feat and one that can take years of practice. But this is exactly why people want to read a book and finish it. No matter what the conflict is, it should lead to the characters changing, taking action, or growing as a result.

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Types of Fiction Writing Explored Fiction writing is a segment that close to everybody in the entire world has read at some point. There are various types of fiction genres including mystery, romance, and science fiction. The mystery genres basically lay their focus on murder, where within the body you find attempts of crime that occur towards the end of the story. Romance is a very popular genre entailing love, fantasy, naivety, and adventure, where the woman’s lover overcomes all challenges to be with her.
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Women fiction is the other segment that cannot be left out, with the fact that women constitute the largest number of readers. What you are likely to find in the women fiction books is women triumphing over the male-dominated world, modern kitchen, beauty, relations and many women-oriented stories.
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Technology and science elements are the stories you find in the science fiction, which definitely has to be written by an expert. Suspense and thriller fiction stories aim at ingenious plotting and suspense creating a particular sensation. Doom and tension are comprised in the thriller fiction where the reader is kept in constant suspense. Horror genre is quite popular among middle-aged readers, where the story from the start to the end is filled with heart-wrecking fear. A lot of creativity is required when writing these books that leave the reader terrified even after reading the book. Everybody loves to be entertained every now and then, and that is exactly what the comedy fiction genre aims at. Although laughter is the setting given to comedy-drama, the writer also focuses on serious issues throughout the story line. Every fiction writing falls under short stories, novella or novels, depending on the length of the story. Although no one has been able to actually determine statics on how to differentiate, any book that is more than 120 pages should be a novel, one that has less than 30 pages should be a short story, and one the between is a novella. A novella is the book that comes between a novel and short stories, with a novel carrying more than 125 pages, while short stories have less than 30 pages. What you find in the short stories are tales and myths that are mainly aimed to entertain children. The novellas in terms of scope and length are smaller than the novels, and some people do not differentiate. Novellas focus on issues to do with nature, history and colonialism, and are mostly used as set books. Novels are the most popular among the three, and chances are you have only read novels more. As it is, novels are the most demanded in the book industry, meaning that for you to publish one you have to learn how to write basics. There are mainstream fiction books that attract a very significant number of readers because it concentrates on fiction that people can relate to. Fiction to do with family matters, court dramas, relationships, disabilities, politics and so on are what mainstream authors deal with.

Thuppaki Tamil Movie_1_2

Thuppaki one of the most expected Tamil movie for vijay fans. Almost 95% of shooting is over and recently thuppki stills has been released. Vijay looks very impressive in this movie. Stills says this movie going to be very good action movie. Thuppaki is an 6 th movie for Director ar murugadas in tamil. A cute kajal agarwal in the lead role. Audio rights of the movie is with Gemini music. Kollowood says that tuppaki teaser will realease on july 16th to 20.This big budget movie going to hit the screens on August 15 th 2012.Gemini film circut will distribute the movie all over the world. SUN Tv bought rights of thuppaki.

some source says Thuppaki audio will be launched in a Pistol Factory located at Trichirapalli. In Thuppaki Stills vijays look very stylist as well attractive. Latest news said Ilayathalapathy vijay going to be next “style king”. Upcoming comedian sathyan again joined with vijay after nanban. santhosh sivam produces thuppaki. First time malayam actor jayaram going to join with vijay in thuppaki. Kollowood circle says first song of thuppaki move is awesome and Harris jayraj once again going to rock in this movie.

Thuppaki movie recently shooted in Mumbai. Lots of technician”we are working for thuppaki move and also thuppaki movie shouting with ARRI Alexa Camera which was used for the Hollywood movies. Ar murugadas says that “I like vijay detication and way of speaking, he i very friendly and i am happy to work with this type of dedication actor”. Kollywood says that ar murugadas used different cameras in fight scence and he used foreign technician”.

Vijay joins with sathayn for comedy. They both put together for good comedy scenes. Harries jayaram again going to rock with Vijay. Harries did exceptional songs for vijay in past movie .thuppaki will sure all songs going to super-duper hit.

Dance crew said that songs are shooted and chorography is extraordinary. vijay anna did superb dance in all songs.Tamilnadu movie fans are waiting for thuppaki songs and expecting the movie in like gajini ar murugadas going to remake thuppaki in Bollywood also. So Bollywood also expecting this movie .Thuppaki budget is almost 70 crore. Past one year Ilayathalapathy Vijay hardly working on thuppaki .vijay Fans are expecting this movie a lot and they are also interested to watch ar murugadas movies.

Billa 2,Maatran and thuppaki are most expected movie in kolloywood. Almost these movies are going to hit the theater one by one soon. Listen Tamil movie fans upcoming there movies are going to rock kollywood. Thuppai movie going to be one of the milestones for Vijay.

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You can watch Dexter TV shows online for free by simply downloading the TV show in your computer, or you can watch the show via streaming videos in real time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Dexter TV series, it is based on a book that is about a forensic blood spatter expert, who distributes his own type of vigilante justice to criminals who are guilty of murder. Dexter does not wish to get his family involved in his secret of becoming the serial killer.

Dexter has become a household name, and is a TV show you would not want to miss if you like dramatic TV shows or shows that are based on forensic science. The show is stylish and smart where you are so keen on rushing for the upcoming episodes to seek for the continuous storyline. Though this series may not be suitable to watch for all the age levels especially for young children and grannies, but, definitely there is the appeal found on other groups of fans. Dexter is played by Michael C. Hall, who has also acted in several other movies.

The momentum that Dexter had built up earlier is keeping on, as the upcoming season 4 is ready to air on September. For season 5, the production is now in the works for the air on year 2010. Dexter still manage to stand apart even with so many critics and violent complains from regular television, cable and satellite TV.

It’s a show that doesn’t focus on violence for violence’s sake, nor does it glorify killing, even though it centers on the life of on particular killer. This series have won over a legion of fans with its clever writing and wry look at morals. However, this is definitely not the favorite by CBS, that they are actually the initial group to pick the show up for editing. All these controversy do not reduce its popularity among the spectators, but in contrast, it helps for promoting its show time. Let’s wait to see what the next move of Dexter is then.

There is no excuse to prohibit you from watching Dexter TV shows online as long as you own a working computer with good internet connection. There are dozens of sites that offer Dexter TV shows for free downloading, so you can watch those episodes you have missed or that one episode that clears up the storyline that you just didn’t finish.

Whether you download or watch the series online, you have now no worries at all if this can stop you from watching your favorite episodes during rainy days. You can continue watching any episodes you like at home comfortably. There is nothing better than cuddling up with a blanket and a cup of hot tea and enjoying your favorite TV shows, especially if they are free and easily accessible.

Enjoy The Short Filmmaking Process

Every year many students will enter college to learn filmmaking. As filmmaking is a big project and practical course, students need to shoot short films on themselves to learn more things that they cannot get in classes. It is very simple to watch films. You can watch a comedy film with your family at weekends or plan an interesting outdoor movie night with your friends. However, it is not so easy to craft a film. You have to put your effort, time, money and passion during the complex filmmaking process.

If you are the freshman in the college, you can get some good instructions from your professor. In fact, many professors will ask students to shoot short films on specific topics or themes and give them some requirements. If your professor gives you some requirements, you need to study these requirements carefully before you start the filmmaking project. Pay attention to the limit and choose the right movie genre. And then you can think about the plot for the movie.

Choose a topic for your short film. You’d better choose a familiar topic or the film theme, for you have pre-existing knowledge to make the shooting work go on smoothly. Addition to that, you have the interest in the film topic, you will try your best to make a good short movie. And you can also enjoy the filmmaking process.

Next, you should write a movie script. If you are not good at writing, you can friends to compose the movie script. Try to get friends and classmates involved in the process, and all of you can work together for the same goal.

As you are the college student, you may not have a big budget on the short movie. So you should set a budget ahead of time. List all your friends, particularly if they are studying film. Your friends can serve as actors and work staff. Make sure that everyone knows his or her role and responsibilities. The film project is the team work, so you need to direct different people to work together for the film.

If you want your film has good visual effect, you should use professional video equipment. If you cannot afford new video equipment, you can buy used video equipment or just rent Sony PDW F1600 from online store. That will not cost you much money, and you can use the saving for good costumes and background set.

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What Is So Different About The New Hindi Movies_1_2_3_4

Have you noticed any difference between the movies in the early 60s or the 70s and the new Hindi movies? If not, then you have probably learnt to move on with time. You must have heard your grandparents saying that the movies during their times were the ones worth watching and if you are a teen, you will surely not agree with this statement. No doubt, it is hard to compare the present day movies to those of the earlier ones. Who would want to forget the trio in Amar Akbar Anthony? and obviously, Sholay a complete masala package with a whole lot of thriller, comedy, romance and emotion.

Now, if you are someone in your early 20s, you would surely not want to watch something that came up on the silver screen a half century ago. Who would want to get back into the past, when the present has someone as gorgeous as Deepika Padukone. Moreover, the big B, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is still going strong and you still get a lot to expect from this angry young man. Now, if you do not believe Amitabh Bachchan is still young, you need to watch his present-day movies. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan are some other faces you cannot afford to miss. What about the actresses? You have Deepika Padukone (as mentioned earlier), Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut and the list just goes on. They all look amazing.

Numerous websites over Internet offer reviews on the latest movies. Therefore, if you find it hard to decide on the movie you need to watch this Friday, you probably need to visit one of these sites. They offer a whole lot of information on the brand new releases and their comparison. The present-day Hindi movies look all so colorful that when you watch one, you regret for not have been able to watch the other. You wish you had all the time in the world to do so. And obviously, if you are a working professional, it may not be possible for you to watch a new movie each day. However, you may watch one on your weekends alone, with friends or your loved one.

New Hindi movies have a lot in store for almost everyone. From a whole lot of drama to a bag full of humor, you can have it all here. Moreover, Bollywood is also making great efforts towards coming up with some suitable projects for children. Ra-One was one such movie meant specifically for the kids. You have a decent number of movies coming up each week and so you have a good number of options at hand. Who knows, may be the next movie might have Deepika Padukone dancing at a cool number.

How To Buy Vinyl Records From Dead Moon_1_2_3_4_5_6_7

Dead Moon was a Portland, Oregon band fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole. Toody Cole, Fred’s wife, played bass and Andrew Loomis played drums. Formed in 1987, the band combined garage rock, punk, and country in their stripped-down sound. Most of their records have been released through their on label Tombstone records, named after Fred and Toody’s musical equipment store, which they operated at the time.

Their first long player was 1988′s In The Graveyard, followed by Unkown Passage in 1989 and Defiance and Thirteen Off My Hook in 1990. Fred Cole engineered most of the band’s recordings and mastered them on a mono lathe that was used for The Kingsmen’s version of “Louie Louie”. Not gaining much recognition in America, Dead Moon toured a lot in Europe and gained a big following. They also signed up with the German label Music Maniac Records, which have been handling most of Dead Moon’s releases in Europe.

Since 1990 and until they finally disbanded in 2006, they released 11 further albums. In 1991 they released Live Evil and Stranded in the Mystery Zone and in 1992 Strange Pray Tell, three albums that further cemented their reputation and position as one of leading garage rock bands in the world. By the mid-ninties they had already achieved cult status among garage rock fans in Europe and their following in America was also growing steadily. The albums Crack In The System (1994) and Nervous Sooner Changes (1995) was followed by the much acclaimed live album Hard Wired in Ljubljana from 1997, which captured the Dead Moon at their very best. For new fans of Dead Moon, this record is a recommended starting point. Which very well could be followed up by Dead Moon’s two next albums Destination X (1999) and Trash & Burn (2001), both are in my opinion excellent albums.

Around the releases of Alive In The Unknown (2002) and Dead Ahead from 2004, the band was followed by the filmmaking team of Kate Fix and Jason Summers, who produced the 2004 documentary Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story, which played in independent theaters around the U.S., New Zealand, and Melbourne International Film Fest, and was released on DVD in the fall of 2006. Their last record was the compilation Echoes of the Past and in December 2006, near the end of the Echoes of the Past tour, Dead Moon announced their disbandment. Their last gig was at the Vera club in Groningen on November 26, 2006.

Fred and Toody currently own the Tombstone General Store in Clackamas, Oregon, and are building a shopping center nearby. They also have new band called Pierced Arrows continuing where Dead Moon left off.

D Is the Future of Filmmaking

According to many experts in Hollywood, 3D is the future of filmmaking. Although skeptics would argue that 3D is just a trend right now – a gimmick – the box office does not lie. 3D film sales far out-gross those of 2D, and the studios show no evidence of quitting making 3D films. According to Keith Collea, a filmmaker and 3D expert, one reason 3D is so popular is because it creates -a dreamlike state in the viewer.- As humans, we by nature view the world stereo-optically. As such, viewing a film in 3D is what a motion picture is actually supposed to look like, not 2D, as we are used to. We definitely dream in 3D. Unlike the 2D film, 3D creates depth, making the viewer feel like the screen is a window into which we are looking. As a result, 3D brings us closer into the world of a movie. Catherine Cunningham, director, producer and CEO of Eikosphere, asserts, -The viewer actually retains 67% more of the film when we see it in 3D.- Nevertheless, shooting in 3D does pose bigger obstacles for filmmakers in terms of financing. When shooting and cutting 3D movies, filmmakers must also do so in a different way. According to the experts, in order to make your 3D shoot optimal, one should not only shoot in 3D (that’s what the DP and director are actually seeing!) but edit in 3D as well. Regardless of whether this can be headache-producing for some filmmakers, the fact remains that films are edited differently in 3D as -you don’t need as many cuts,- says Collea, -because the brain is filling in much of the information as our eyes look around at all the images.- Whereas 3D used to be only for action, animation or IMAX documentaries, Collea shares that in the future, -dramas and comedies will also be filmed in 3D.- Ultimately, the future of the movie-going experience won’t end at just 3D. Experts profess that theaters will soon include the same gimmicks as theaters in amusement parks do, where the viewing experience is heightened when dry ice is blown in on the audience or when audience members’ seats are rocked as a means to make one feel like they are actually experiencing the movie. The US does not enjoy a leading role in the 3D revolution, however. Europeans already make use of 3D to shoot sports games. Britain is especially fond of this practice, and the British even have 3D home television like we in the States have HD.

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