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Women Have Unbeatable Attraction for Daily Soaps


You know as much as I do daily Indian soaps have been around for decades. They have evolved over the years with new characters and more engaging subjects. It has well become easier to access these soaps as they are available in most Indian TV channels, online TV and Live TV programs. However, what I know you don’t know is the reason so many Indian girls and women are more passionate about daily soaps than men do. Here are the key reasons why girls and women are obsessed to daily soaps to a greater extent than men.

Women and girls are naturally emotionally-driven creatures. They normally understand and appreciate the love drama in Indian soaps more than any man can do. They have empathy for the characters in the soaps something which isn’t common with men. Women as well get easily absorbed to in Indian TV series that unfold love stories and drama than men will do.

Men rarely like drama. They want something that captures their attention and tricks their mind into action like real-action movies. Alternatively, women and girls appreciate drama and like anything that gets them engaged and thinking. The major part of Indian soaps is love drama where one or two men are the key targets of several women. As the drama in Indian soaps unfolds, it gets welcome engaged and feeling close to the events in such soap.

Indian soaps are very addictive. Most women start watching them as a way to pass time and get entertained only to later become addicts. In India, you will rarely find house-husbands. Most men are very busy with their professions on every single day. On the other hand, majority of women in India are housewives hence they got the extra time to watch such soaps on daily basis.

Indian soaps are easy to access nowadays. It isn’t a must you buy DVD packaged Indian opera soap whenever you want to watch opera soap movies. There are currently several Indian TV channels that show Indian soaps on daily basis. There are as well lots of online TV and live TV programs like YuppTV that allow people to stream and watch their preferred Indian soaps whenever they want. The fact that most Indian TV channels and online TV programs show the soaps mostly during day time means that majority of men don’t have access to them as they always busy in offices.

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