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A New Type of Entertainment Content Access

One of the more annoying aspects of Netflix is the regional differences that users experience. Canadians may see different shows and movies then Americans. Britians will have different releases than Australians and so on. For someone who spends as much money as they do on Netflix every month, it’s the access to this content which has prevented me from torrenting movies recently. And yet, here they are preventing us from being able to access the entire library at their disposal. I’m not a fan. When I started to figure out how to watch american netflix in canada – I’m an American who was visiting, in fact, and wanted to finish a show that I had started back home, I discovered that you can actually utilize a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) will change your IP address so you can access a website seemingly from another state or even another country. It’s not that big of a deal that we can’t watch what we want to watch but it grinds on my nerves so much because of the big corporations who prevent us from gaining access to entertainment content in an easy and reasonable way. It’s ridiculous that we have to shell out as much money that we already do to have this access.

Cable companies are the worst offenders. They package the movie channels with other channels that I’ll never even watch. So to watch a single show on a single channel, let’s say Game of Thrones, I have to pay out nearly $50 to $60 to get access to that channel. Don’t you think that is ridiculous? This is why Netflix and other streaming services are soon going to replace the notion of what a cable company is and soon we’ll have more flexible services available to us once they yield to consumer desires.

Tom West Zuckerburg of the Entertainment Industry

I’m sure everyone is familiar with Facebook and its origins. Mark Zuckerburg, owner of Facebook, was able to build a successful business online because he was able to pinpoint what the people wanted from a social networking website. Tom West, on the other hand, was able to determine what employers and service providers of the entertainment industry need to make it easier for both parties to find each other, negotiate pricing and get payed securely. That being said, Tom West will certainly become Zuckerburgh of social and career interaction in the entertainment industry. Tom West is the creator and founder of,, and These are highly addictive social networking/Job Hiring sites which cater to the needs of entertainment freelancers and employers. You canfind models, musicians, actors and everyone between by posting a job in these websites. On the other hand, these websites become the stage for entertainment freelancers to showcase and network their talents. You might be wondering who Tom West is after learning how he bridged the gap between employers and service providers of the entertainment industry. To know him better, I spent my Saturday morning on the phone with him and I would like to share my conversation with Tom here. Lynette:I’ve noticed that your websites are focused on helping the entertainment industry. Why is that? Tom: When I was a child, I formed a band together with my childhood friends. We were able to secure a contract with Island/Universal Records and Maverick Records. Because of my band, I’ve met cool people across the world and got to release an album. Although our popularity didn’t last long, I learned so much and the experience was unbelievable. Lynette: You’re pretty amazing for a kid. What was the best moment that you can remember during your time with the band? Tom: Well, we were able to tour with major acts such as Duran Duran. An experience of a lifetime! Lynette: When your band broke up, you started dabbling in Entertainment Business right? Tom: Ha ha yea I had to figure out how to put bread on the table! That’s kinda how I learned to make a website for my recording studio business. Tom and his best friend partner had many business ideas that were almost successful but nothing really stood out until Tom’s recent realization of the entertainment industry’s need for service providers. When I asked Tom how he figured it all out, his answer was funny and so true in the entertainment industry. Lynette: How did you come up with the idea of making a website for both employers and freelancers? Tom: Well,for a few years, I’ve been trying to hustle new clients and find people who need music related work done. And man it was a struggle, plus chasing money down to! So when I was sitting replying to an advertisement on craigslist, I thought why isn’t there a site for this? I mean most people these days are freelancers anyway. So, I scheduled a meetingwith GarrettO’Neill, my business partner, for a coffee. He loved the idea and we started planning the business. That’s pretty much the story on how the three websites are born. is the first website that was planned by Tom but was created and released first. Wondering why, I asked Tom the reason behind his actions. Lynette I know you started with but was out first, I wonder why. Tom Well, when we were developing Musicians Fuse, my girlfriend was a pretty successful model at a large international modelling agency at that time. I mean everyone has heard horror stories about agencies but I saw it firsthand. Mine and my partner’s plan was always Musician Fuse first but because of the situation, I thought of creating a website that caters to the needs ofthe models, hairstylists,photographers, and the clients. Ironically, my girlfriend left me for a photographer shortly after I started developing Model Fuse. Anyway, I decided to hurry and release as soon as possible . I decided not to delve deeper into that topic because it’s personal and might make Tom feel uncomfortable. Tom suggested that I try one of apps called paparazzi which I did and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. I created an account on to use this app which will come out this month. Out of curiosity, I asked Tom if he is dating anyone and his response is understandable. Tom : Not as of yet, I just got out of a 5 year relationship so I’m a bit jaded at the moment. Also, I work 24 hours a day so I’m not sure if anyone would be in to sitting next to me and our teams on the computer (laughs). Having met Tom personally, I think he is such a nice guy with lots of brilliant ideas. With his company’s vision, he’ll surely help a lot of people in the entertainment industry. I wish Mfuse LLC. success which they so much deserve for helping both employers and service providers. You can visit to learn more about Tom and his websites. By, Lenette Rice

The Beginners Guide To Professionals (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

Important Facts You Must Learn about Fiction Writing Fiction writing is defined as a type of literature wherein no factual thoughts are being meant. Through this writing, readers will be entertained. It is a type of literature wherein the author’s opinion is written through a story. For example, a short story is a work of fiction. Fiction writing may also include the storyboards for stage dramas and screenplays for movies. Additionally, novellas and novels are also examples of fiction writing. There are major elements when it comes to writing fiction. One of which is the character, which pertains on the main and the minor persons that are running in the story. The element called plot is the main event of the story wherein the most important happenings will occur. The setting and the theme, which are important because it is where the story is taken place. Finally, the most important element is the style of the author. Almost all of us are having a very hard time in writing stories. It makes most of us frustrated and not to try it again for another time. Luckily, it will now be an easy task to write a fiction. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps and hints so that you can be a good writer someday. You can check below to see the different key points that you need to follow.
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First is you must develop your very own idea. In this form of literature, your best asset is the ideas that you have. You can make amazing stories if you have a lot of ideas. Make sure to have at least one idea because if you have non, your story will just be a nonsense. Anything can give you an idea. In writing, ideas are also called inspiration. These ideas can come to you any time or any place.
Getting Creative With Professionals Advice
Once you have your idea, try to list them down. You cannot afford to lose them because they are the most important aspect in making your story. Immediately write it down in a piece of paper in case you have figured out an amazing idea for your upcoming story. Next is to make an outline for your story. By outlining, you will be able to see if your story will be great or not. Moreover, and it will be easy for you to finish the whole writing process if you make an outline first. It will also ensure a better storyline if you are going to make an outline beforehand. Lastly, you should be able to find out the style that you are going to use. There are a lot of authors that uses a single style in all of their works. As if it was their fingerprint and trade mark. They will just stick in their styles for identity and promotional purposes. However, some other popular authors have proven that multiple styles is better to use and been very successful in their works.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best in Fiction Writing You can define fiction writing as the clever composition of text that is not factual because the events never occurred. The best fiction writing is aimed at entertaining people while still conveying the authors’ point of view and beliefs. No matter if it is a short story, novel, drama or a screenplay, you can never go wrong with fictional content. The level of difficulty involved in writing some of the best fictional material in the world is immense. There is the involvement of determination, practice and patience to make the characters come together. What steps can you take to obtain yourself a great piece of fictional material? To identify the best fiction writing in the industry, follow the guide below. It is of the utmost necessity to identify material that starts with high tension when looking for the best pieces of fiction writing. It is crucial to draw the attention of the reader early on and keep them interested although many writers prefer to start with heart throbbing action. The best fiction novels should begin with the main character failing in whatever endeavor they are doing. In your quest to find the best fiction writing, it is imperative to identify works that end each chapter on a cliff. This is to ensure that the reader becomes addicted to the book or play with every passing chapter. It will help in making the fiction impossible to put down and the reader feels like reading it all the time until they finish reading. In addition to giving readers a stronger incentive to continue with the next section, it is important to understand that fiction is about sparking the curiosity of the readers.
The Beginners Guide To Authors (What You Need To Know To Get Started)
You need to identify works with a lesson at the end when looking for a good fiction novel to start on. The reason for this is that education is a never-ending quest for knowledge, and, therefore, the mind has to be fed on a regular basis. One such way to teach young children about what is right and wrong and how life works is by use of fiction writing.
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When looking for a good fiction novel to start on, it is very important to select one that offers an escape from the daily regimen. Truth be told, each and every job has a lot of frustration and stress even if you enjoy it. It is important to kick back and relax after a long hard day working. Where better to turn that towards an entertaining work of fiction. In an effort to relieve a lot of pressure that builds up during the day as you go about your daily routine, it is important to engage in a good fiction book.