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The Numerous Colors of Toros

Born in 1964 in Armenia, Vagarshak Torosijn has had a multi dimensional improvement as a human and as a painter. Having observed the diverse cultures of three powerful nations, he keeps an artistic facet that’s not only sizeable in imagination, but also comprises different kaleidoscope of thoughts and art streams altogether.

Toros, as he’s better called, in his own words weaves the real and imaginary world into his artworks. Anyone who has examined and observed many of Vagarshak’s oils would construe that these exposes deep inner thought and an expression that is exceptionally his own. He admits to being motivated by the Vanguard method of painting and is perhaps also experimenting with abstract and expressionism.

A gaze at any of the very chic and lovely of Vagarshak Torosijn oils, one notices almost no traces of feminine or softness in them, however there’s no insensitivity or an expression of shock to his fine art too. Captivatingly, he uses expressions of hilarity in his paintings to suggest notions that are sometimes more unfathomable and profound than they appear to be on the canvas.

Toros uses colors to his gain in his paintings. In fact, often they are representative of the notion or the feeling that he loves to depict. Intense sensations are mostly conveyed by stronger colors which in fact also show the creator’s mood swings.

Remark should be made of several very unique pictures such as-”Two Clowns” and “Masquerade” both of which reveal the vast creative sensibilities of the artist. His attraction with the clowns leaves us with bewilderment if the artist seeks to tell us more than what is evident in our eyes through these characters.

Similar to all of his contemporaries, Toros is a little unpredicatable in his choice of subject matter; in fact his scale is as diverse as his use of hues. Just as one feels happy and eager at his diverse utilization of colors, so does his selection of figures not only astonished but also startles us. He showacases a range of subjects that border on the contemporary to those of the traditional, especially remarkable is his choice of subjects that also include children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from different segments. So whether it’s a celebration or images of clowns that he is dealing with, the master generates a solid statement anywhere.

The canvases of Toros use brave and defined brush strokes; he tries to create order out of chaos. A quick glimpse at his masterpieces gives the notion of a chaotic piece, it’s only when one attempts to look at the bigger picture within the inner framework that the seemingly complicated themes and the subdued picture presentation within is clear. The artist also excels in his interpretation of emotions, the characters in his oils seem to convey the message of the whole painting whether amusing or sad, irritated or upset within their imagery.

One gets the impression that Torosijn Vagarshak is a man of varied thoughts and a mind that runs riot just like his use of hues. His preference in diverse approaches as well as contradictory subjects break the uniformity often linked to series fine art; ultimately, every portrait stands out in an in individual artistry.

Yet another noticeable characteristic about Toros is the various tints he includes in his pictures in terms of themes. While many of his artworks have the faЗade of cheerful revelry in them, a second glance depicts another side of the story, in a master crafting of multi dimensionality, he uses the foundation as a joyful theme while the expressions are used to convey emotions that are deep and that signify other inclinations.

We may construe that Vagarshak stands out as an artist of massive quality with paintings that both please and urge the audience to contemplate.

The Most Famous Breast Implants of all time

In Hollywood, a world all about appearance and looks, plastic surgery has become extremely common among many celebrities. Although it is more common now, getting plastic surgery wasn’t always considered normal and celebrities that did get plastic surgery were often criticized for doing so. Many women that did get breast implants were targeted by fans, other celebrities, and most importantly, the media. Even with the risk of receiving all this attention, sometimes being negative, the following are some of the most famous breast implants of all time:

1. Pamela Anderson: This former Playmate and Baywatch babe has been in the spotlight for most of her life. But after appearing in Playboy magazine two times, Pamela Anderson decided she wanted to get breast implants, which made her fame skyrocket. After this she appeared several more times in the magazine and scored some acting gigs on popular TV shows. Her controversial life and busty figure has made her one of Hollywood’s most famous icons and she continues showing off her breasts with no shame.
2. Heidi Montag: There is no doubt that this former Hills cast member had some plastic surgery done. People magazine even did a whole article where they spoke about her having ten different procedures done in one day. Although people suspect she had several things done, her breast implants have struck the most attention. After getting G-cup breast implants, Montag said she wanted to reduce the size of her breasts, which now may be difficult since her plastic surgeon passed away.
3. Dolly Parton: Since the 1960s, this celebrity has been a country icon drawing much attention. Alongside her numerous songs, television appearances, and movie credits, she has been known for her appearance and is proud to admit that she did have plastic surgery. She even told Oprah Winfrey that she will continue to get plastic surgery if it means keeping up her looks. If it’s dragging or sagging, she’s willing to get plastic surgery to fix it.
4. Anna Nicole Smith: After appearing on the cover of Playboy at the young age of 24, Anna Nicole Smith exploded in the media. Her long blonde hair, bright smile and great personality weren’t the only thing that caught people’s attention, it was her overly large breast implants. After having two implants put in each breast, she was discovered by a photographer in Texas and pursued her modeling career. She was then named playmate of the year in 1993 and got a gig as a Guess model. Her breast implants most definitely gave her a boost in her career.

Laying out the Resemblance and Differences of the Artworks of Toros and OninO

Born in Armenia, OninO was always a first-rate artist, but she was in doubt about adopting art as a career choice. But after her time in a dedicated art institution, OninO set eyes on the works of the Russian master artist, Torosijn Vagarshak. This resulted to a massive change in the lady who was so charmed by the artistic style of Toros (Torosyan Vagarshak) that she began taking up art seriously. One cannot but discount the substantial and immense effect of Toros in shaping the vocation of OninO as an independent painter who displays significant creative potential of her own.

It shall be extremely unreasonable to name the influences of Toros on her artworks as simple replication it was meant more as an assimilation of alike systems, brush strokes and developing of one’s thoughts that should be taken forefront. OninO, who was particularly captivated by the exciting and odd faces of Toros, spent two years studying art under him in the United States. By this time, however, the mentor was triumphant in letting her understand her unique method and cultivate her artistic potentials through the substantial variety of her work of art.

Whatever evaluation made between a mentor and a protege can’t be considered as a replication of art on any party. It’s in fact a realization of the artistic level of each artist in attempting to underscore the artistic finesse of each while remarking the external influences of the polished result.

As is anticipated, the influence of Vagarshak Torosjin is quite obvious in some of the past works of OninO. Although even in the later years she retains a number of it, it’s more on the latter portion of her artistic term when we can perceive the uniqueness of OninO as a painter. During the early period, one spots resemblance especially in the representation of the characters, this includes the same slender faces, with curious expressions. A careful glance on the other hand, demonstrates that Torosijn Vagarshak’s characters are either at times more practical and at others, entirely strange, while those of OninO’s are somewhere in between. Also interestingly one assumes the view that her characters are bigger than in real life and more magnificent and bold in their mannerisms.

One cannot help but discount in both the creations of Torosijn Vagarshak’s and OninO, the emphasis on the various styles of hats that the characters wear. While the faces of Toros are without hats (though the characters do put on a hat in the other masterpieces), every masterpiece of OninO has the characters donning some or the other type of colorful hat. In fact, all of OninO’s hats are exciting and they gain as much thought as the characters themselves.

Both Toros and OninO on the other hand, retain their influence of Cubism; OninO at times more than her master. Her toying with shapes is very subtly revealed and so dainty that one may miss it if not viewed with a perfectionist eye. The combination of natural elements and emotions into each of the paintings is one unique attribute of both Vagarshak Torosjin and OninO. However, while Vagarshak Torosjin practically keeps barely any traces of feminist tendencies in his masterpieces, OninO’s paintings are replete with them.

OninO’s liking for romance, match making, revelry and display of wealthy living make her works have a clerly unique aura from that of Toros, who can be more related with the two edges of make believe and realism. Similar to some other genres, both painters are pretty much mismatched in their choice of subjects.

The daring brush strokes of Vagarshak Torosjin against the more delicate ones of OniO’s and alike color palette are however, exclusive preferences that come to the fore while observing the two painters.

In the depiction of emotions within the imagery of their work of art, whether comic or miserable, love or enthusiasm, fury or disappointment, both the artists reveal sufficient evidence of mastery. It is in this resemblance yet unique presentation of creative ability and impressions that both the painters stand their own ground and OninO makes her declaration as painter of grand caliber quite intensely felt.

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing Your Own Book

Are you an author who has a book that you would like to see published? If you are, you should know that you do have a number of different options. While the most common approach taken involves relying on a third party publishing house, you do also have the option of self-publishing your own book.

When an author makes the decision to self-publish a book, he or she has complete control over the whole process. In fact, that is just one of the many pros or plus sides to self-publishing, as many authors like having complete control over their works of art. As for the responsibility of an author in terms of self-publishing, an author must write the book, edit it, find a company to manufacturer the printed book, and sell it. Although the process does seem relatively easy to most, it is important to remember that there are a number of pros and cons to self-publishing.

As it was previously stated, a self-publisher is responsible for the sale of their book. For many this is a difficult process. When a third party publishing house is used, they take on most of the work associated with selling a book, such as marketing. This is not how self-publishing works. Many self-publishers set up websites where they list their books available for sale. Even then, however, that website must be marketed so that visitors will find it. Self-publishers also have the option of approach retailers, including bookstores, hoping to get their books available for sale locally.

Another con or downside to self-publishing is the cost. Technically, you could say that even when using a third party publishing house, you still pay for the cost of getting your book published. This is because your publisher does take a fee out of the amount of money that you are paid; however, many authors don’t even take this cut into consideration. Even though it will cost money to have your book transformed into print, there are steps that you can take to reduce the cost. The most common approach involves having your book printed on demand, instead of having books on hand.

As previously stated, some self-publishers find it difficult to sell their books. Yes, this process can be difficult, but many other self-published authors have seen success. When you put the proper amount of time, research, and energy into selling a self-published book, you stand the most chance of making the biggest profit. This is because, aside from the cost of your expenses, you are able to retain all of your profits. There is no one else that must share your profits, unless of course you decide to hire help.

Another pro or plus side to self-publishing is the fact that unknown authors are given the opportunity to shine. Some of the best selling books today are written by authors who already have an established history or name. In fact, unless you have an absolutely amazing book or a well-known name, there is a good chance that many publishing companies will not want to take a chance on you. This doesn’t mean that your book is a poorly written one or that it has a bad story line. It just means that the publishing market is a tough one.

How to photograph a wedding, for beginner wedding photographers!

I’m super excited to share this with you, a full overview, behind the scenes, what goes on, the fun stuff, the stressful stuff, what needs to be prepared and basically just a really awesome summary of the whole day, start to end.

Wedding are a serious matter, the real deal and you don’t get any second chances. That’s why you need to be prepared, organised and know your stuff!

So, let’s set the scene: you have booked the wedding a year ago, regularly communicated with the couple throughout the year, had a pre wedding meeting to go through the timeline of the day and all other details (I’ll go through this in detail in another post), and now the time has come, tomorrow is the wedding day!…

Day before the Wedding:

There is a little bit of work that needs to be done before the wedding day, not much, but just enough so you can wake up stress free and ready to rock here is a little checklist that I do the day before EVERY wedding!

- Text the bride telling her how excited I am to be shooting her wedding and basically just checking in (so she knows I’m 100% coming!).

- Gather all my gear and make sure camera batteries are charging, flash batteries are charging, quickly clean my lenses and clear all my cards.

- Double check the schedule and refresh my memory about where I’m going and what I’m doing. These days 99% of the time I find I have already shot at the locations or venues so this does not require much prep, but back in the day I used to do a recce and plan out the whole shoot, shot by shot, pose by pose.

- Check the GPS so I know how long it takes me to get to my first destination. I always like to rock up 5 mins early as I feel it just sets me up for an awesome day!

- Make sure the car has petrol in it. I don’t like stressing about this on shoot day.

Morning of the Wedding:

Alright, we are up, super excited and it’s time to get moving! I usually start the day with a massive breakfast to keep me as full as possible for as long as possible. Everyone is different, but I can get seriously ‘hangry’ when I don’t eat and can get a little grumpy! So on that note, I ALWAYS BRING FOOD WITH ME on the day. I meet so many photographers and videographers that don’t eat all day and I seriously don’t know how they function! As I’m running around all day on high alert and high energy, I like to graze all day while driving between locations and stay hydrated.

OK, time to get moving! Last checklist before we are on our way:

- Gear is packed and in the car. Double check that everything is there and batteries and cards are back in the camera bag and not still charging in the house!

- Lunch is packed and in the esky!

- Dressed to impress, looking professional ready for a wedding. Imaging yourself as a guest, make sure you dress the part! In my company, no jeans, t-shirts or anything else that looks sloppy. You’re representing yourself and your brand, make sure you look good!

How To Build A Large Model London Double Decker Bus From Scratch

My name is David Wilson. At Johnnywood Studios I custom build many models like this to use in my 3-D books entitled- “Lucky and the Supernaturals 3-D” for the ultimate in realism. On occasion I restore models to original condition as well depending on my needs. Before attempting to build such a large scale model like this I normally do a few online searches and download some pictures to get ideas. Considering that I might want to duplicate this bus, I also made “templates” or “plans” using poster board for all the parts. This LARGE 1/10th scale London Double Decker Bus was built completely from scratch out of plywood and has a few metal parts such as: the axles and the hand rail. This bus features a “curved staircase” made of cardboard which took an entire day to create. There are many bench seats made of plywood along with a detailed a driver’s cockpit in this London bus. The dimensions of this bus are: LONG- 24 inches: HIGH- 14 inches: WIDE- 10 inches. There was, massive amounts of measuring, cutting, gluing, filling and sanding involved with this project and it took two weeks to complete. A belt sander turned upside down was used for shaping and forming the plywood. A piece of curved cardboard was used for a portion of the roof at the rear. Lot’s of “wood filler” was used to fill in cracks and seams in this model bus. Both the very top roof and the lower part of the roof are removable for access and displaying action figures inside. The wheels were cut out of thicker wood and were drilled, formed, shaped and painted black. The graphics on this, bus such as; the signs were printed by a computer and then glued on using tacky glue. I primed this vehicle using spray can enamel primer and I used several coats of red enamel for the top coat. The yellow stripe was masked and then sprayed with enamel paint. The interior was sprayed with grey primer and the lower rear step portion was sprayed with silver enamel. Clear “glass” was installed using thin plastic sheets cut and glued to the inside for added realism. Long wooden “skewers” were cut, painted and used for some of the hand rails. Overall this “London Double Decker Bus” turned out great! The fit and finish of this model surpassed my expectations. I think this model will do well in my stories wouldn’t you agree?! I’d like to manufacture this toy London Bus by an American toy company because I’m sure there are lots of kids that would enjoy playing with an awesome model like this! Of course I recommend that people wear the proper protective gear such as: respirators, gloves, goggles and other safety equipment when building any model. To view this amazing London Bus that I built completely from scratch visit my website. To find out more information concerning the building and modifying of models like this, visit my website and purchase my e-report entitled “Johnnywood Studios 3-D Modeling Secrets.” It’s only $1 and I’m sure you’ll find lots of information to help you with your next modeling project.

How To Build an Awesome Spaceship Model From Cardboard

My name is David Wilson. At Johnnywood Studios I build many models like this from scratch to use in my 3-D books entitled- “Lucky and the Supernaturals 3-D” for the ultimate in realism. Since, I was unable to find anything that resembles this large spaceship I was forced to build it from scratch. So, I utilized a common material that is also free and it is “cardboard.” People discard this strong, readily available material that is made from trees everyday. Cardboard is fairly easy to cut, bend and bond. I recommend using a metal straight edge or a metal “square” and a carpet knife. I also suggest using another piece of cardboard underneath the piece you are cutting and also wearing leather gloves. Using the right tools “Panda” is the very first model of this size that I ever attempted to create. The clear glass is from a popcorn maker top that I purchased at a thrift store. After some measuring and cutting I simply glued the glass into place and used automotive “pin stripes” around the edges for a more professional appearance. The curved edges for the “wings” were traced using a large clothes basket. The cardboard pieces were cut and bonded together using wood glue. I also used thin, one inch masking tape to cover up the “seams” on this spaceship. Many primer coats were sprayed on before the “white” enamel spray paint was applied. The three “landing pads” are plastic model display stands that I just happened to have three of but, other items can be used as well for these landing feet. There are several other parts for this spaceship that were hand crafted such as: the deep space sleeping pods, which were made from cutting a plastic potato chip container in half. I cut a square piece of cardboard and covered it with some vinyl for the interior bed. The two halves of this pod open and close because I glued on some paper strips to act as hinges. I made two sleeping pods and painted them silver without using any primer. The interior of this spaceship also contains other details such as: two captain’s chairs covered in black vinyl with real working arm rests for enhanced realism. The dash is also covered in black vinyl for realism purposes. This ship also contains a working winch and detailed dashboard space flight controls as well. Making the spaceship’s “elevator” was a bit tricky and looking back I wish I had made it from a thicker and more, sturdy material. But, this passenger elevator that this ship sits upon contains an L.E.D. light which makes for great night photography. This custom elevator stand also contains a keyhole for my character’s key and custom ladder along with a handrail. Since, Panda transforms into “Pandaprize” in some of my epic comedy stories I decided to build some extra “jet engines” for the rear of this model. This piece is also constructed out of cardboard which took some measuring, cutting, gluing and painting. In the center of this model I also installed a bracket of sorts with a string. This allows Panda to be “hung” from above for photography purposes to simulate flight. Installing a few L.E.D. lights on the inside of this model also enhances night photography as well. The dimensions for this cool Panda spaceship are: LENGTH without engines- 22.5 inches, with engines- 27 inches. The HEIGHT of Panda is: 7.5 inches and sitting on the stand is- 13 inches. The WIDTH is 20 inches. Overall this “Panda” model turned out great and is an example of what can be done with cardboard, patience and some work. I think this model will do well in my stories wouldn’t you agree?! I’d like to manufacture this toy “Panda” model by an American toy company because I’m sure there are lots of kids that would enjoy playing with an awesome model like this! Of course I recommend that people wear the proper protective gear such as: respirators, gloves, goggles and other safety equipment when building any model. To view this wonderful spaceship visit my website. To find out more information concerning building a model like this, visit my website and purchase my e-report entitled “Johnnywood Studios 3-D Modeling Secrets.” It’s only $1 and I’m sure you’ll find lots of information to help you with your next modeling project.

Through God’s Eyes

Through God’s Eyes is compiled with personal inspirational and motivational stories that are the foundation of established values. This anthology or manual for life focuses on love, gratitude, spiritual guidance, laughter and heartache all revolving on parents, children, grandparents and even our workplace lives. There is something for everyone while shedding a tear despite yourself.

The Shoebox of Memories where a lost child finds her father. Memories of tragic encounters such as rape but blessed with life and grace. Thoughts on Moms that truly work behind the scenes for their children that even grow from mistakes. The beauty of intimate relationships brought together at Gods Conference Table and taken away in the Final Chapter.

It is one of those rare books that you can pick up any time, read any story and it will enhance your own faith, lifting you to a new level of consciousness; a spiritual tool for healing.

Currently, Karla lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her significant other, two cats and is a mother of two 25 plus children, finally launched into a world that they two can, be proud.

A captivating and committed writer, she has written over 1,000 articles for a variety of publications and topics that include, charity, healthcare, aging, inspiration, guest interviews and student retention.

She has written for two insurance websites and is a writer on workplace development as a top ten national writer entitled the Chicago Career Coach for the widely read Examiner. Articles have also been published in the Phoenix Focus, the Chicago Tribune, Suburban Life, Grand Magazine, Reunion Magazine, Mature Years, Midlife Collage, Maria Shriver Architect of Change, and Sacred Journey.

Through God’s Eyes is available as a paperback and e-book at Booklocker.

Her first novel was published in 2006 and is for sale once again at Amazon called Caroline’s Crescendo.A historical romance novel set in the heart of New England during 1915 where Caroline Libby accepts an assignment as a pianist on the famous Lusitania, an exciting escape from her isolated world at her father’s inn in Maine. However, her voyage results in disaster for not only does she meet a destructive man but witnesses the execrable tortures of a sinking ship torpedoed by a German U boat. Caroline returns home and becomes involved with a German American at the onslaught of World War I. Her survival is threatened once

Safety Seat Sunshade Designed To Protect Children From Getting Burned Now Available On Amazon

Freddie and Sebbie is presently promoting a safety seat sunshade on Amazon, which they assert can be used to protect children’s delicate skin from sunburn, along with keeping them cool while taking a trip inside an automobile.

Specialists have been telling parents for several years that an over-heated baby seat can harm the soft and delicate skin of youngsters, and in many cases even nasty burns. Freddie and Sebbie has revealed the launch of an amazing product, that guarantees to keep a child’s safety seat cool, while an automobile is left parked and unattended under direct sunshine. Solely sold on Amazon, the product description says that the safety seat sunshade is made from lasting materials, it’s easy to set up, and perfect to secure a child from being burnt by a scorching baby seat.

Main representative, Neil Speight, termed the ingenious device as a Blessing for all moms and dads who have a safety seat set up in their vehicle. He added: “The safety seat sunshade for kids is made to a really high standard, which helps to keep the safety seat temperature lower in heat conditions, while keeping an ambient safety seat temperature, so youngsters can permanently be safe and feel relaxed, while taking a trip in an automobile. The elastic lining of the sunshade means that it will fit a lot of safety seat brand names commonly seen on Amazon.”

The representative said that the sunshade was easy to store, and simple to keep clean. He included that just like all their other accessories sold on Amazon, the Freddie and Sebbie safety seat sunshade additionally had a lifetime replacement assurance, which he says their customers truly do appreciate. He included: “The window sunshade has been developed to deflect sun rays and glare, which helps to keep the coolness inside the vehicle. Kids will absolutely feel it a lot more comfy to take a trip in, when an automobile is safeguarded by one or more of exactly what can only be referred to as the ultimate in heat protection for car safety seats.”

Neil concluded by saying that this Freddie and Sebbie vehicle device would be liked by both moms and dads and youngsters. He included: “The safety seat sunshade is drawing in a large amount of interest, with many Amazon consumers writing incredibly positive testimonials, helping to motivate other moms and dads to try out the product too. The product is backed by an easy money return policy, so there’s absolutely no risk in trying the product out. Full product details about discount rates and warranties, can be exclusively found on the Freddie and Sebbie Amazon storefront.”

Create Photo Collage Online to Preserve Tasty Memories

In this selfie-laden era, you must take tons of photos when go traveling, enjoy holidays and take part in some special occasions. However, have you found a beautiful and creative way to store them? Well, creating an eye-catching photo collage with a collection of pictures together may be the best and easiest way to preserve these tasty memories all the year round.

With some simple words on a collage, you can easily showcase multiple of your photos together on one page to tell a story vividly. Nevertheless, you need a right tool to make it. Although we can create photo collages easily using software programs on desktop, iOS, Windows phone as well as on android, I personally, love the way online. With a handy online collage maker tool, you can quickly compose a collage without any hassle of downloading or installing. Moreover, there is no need to register.

It’s very quick to find an easy-to-use online collage maker by Google. However, it’s not so easy to find a completely free collage maker online. When you Google “free online collage maker”, you will see lots of the so called “free” online collage makers. However, many of them are not free. So you have to recognize it carefully.

Today, when I was hanging online, I just run into a beautiful collage photo. I checked it and found it was created from a collage template on Thinking it is the one of the so called “free” collage maker, I was hesitated at first, but I was totally compelled by its numerous amazingly pre-designed collage templates. Then, I chose to have a look.

When I clicked GET STARTED button on its homepage, it greeted me with a superb list of templates covering six styles – Modern, Classic, Art, Holiday, 3D and Creative. I chose one and uploaded my life photos from Facebook album (it has other options to add photos from computer). Then, added my own words to the collage and made some adjustments. It even allowed me to save and share my design for free without any attach.

Finally, I know and believe it is the completely free online collage maker that I want. I love its creative template designs and the best customization options for making the photo collage that best reflect your thoughts. It’s a new baby in online collage making software field, but it’s a strong man in the art creation field. If you are such a person like me who wants to put a collection of life photos into a collage, but doesn’t have many technical skills in software program and doesn’t want to pay any budget, you will love FotoJet as well.

Gathering digital photos in a collage is a great way to memorize your very tasty moments in life. It is a way to make perfect gifts that have a real and deep impact. It is also a way to entertain yourself with your personal photos. Are you ready to make your free one online?