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Learning The “Secrets” of Pizza

Various Nutritional Facts in Pizza Servings Some of us would love to eat pizza in various flavors in restaurants and we would often eat with our family, friends and even colleagues but we also know that there is a big amount of calories in pizzas that could add to our weight. In pizza restaurants now a day, they have created a variety of pizza with low calorie and sodium and this kind of pizza are being ordered for some people who are mostly in a diet and who would want to consume their favorite pizza. You have a tendency or a probability to consume forty percent of the whole large pizza thus you will increase your intake of sodium and calories every time you will order a large size pizza instead of just ordering a small or medium size pizza. For you to be able to control the amount of calories, sodium and fats that you are eating every time you eat a number of slices of pizza, you can search these facts on various websites so that you can check the facts. If you plan to order a large size pizza with regular crust and the flavor of it will be cheese then you are about to consume six hundred forty calories if you eat two slice of cheese pizza coming from a large size pizza. For other information, more meat as ingredients on pizza means that you would likely consume more fats and sodium with an amount of twelve grams of saturated fats and about one thousand four hundred milligrams of sodium for two slices only.
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Pepperoni is mostly found in pizza servings and based on nutritional facts, the slices of pepperoni on pizzas can give you the amount of five hundred fourteen calories if you eat pepperoni slices on just two slices of pizza. For those who would love to eat pineapple on their pizzas, this ingredient too can contribute to the incrase of calories and sodium intake in your body like if you eat two slices of Hawaiian flavored pizza, you can consume five hundred twenty calories and one thousand three hundred milligrams of sodium.
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If you really like to eat cheese flavored pizza, you can order instead a thin crust cheese pizza without sacrificing the flavor of the pizza and by ordering this pizza, you can only intake three hundred eighty eight amount of calories for every two slices. If you like to eat vegetables, you can choose a vegetarian pizza in restaurants with spinach and broccoli so that your sodium intake will lower to one thousand two milligrams for every two slices that you would eat from pizza restaurants.